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Over the past ten years EcoPlanet Bamboo has developed a plethora of information and knowledge on the production of bamboo at commercial scale as well as its use as a tool for restoration activities. One of the key things that we learnt early on, and through the early stages of development of our own bamboo nurseries, bamboo plantations and bamboo farms in Latin America and Africa, was that much of the readily available information with regards to growing, cultivating, managing and harvesting bamboo, commercially and at scale, is quite simply incorrect. Highly inaccurate and misleading information - e.g. "bamboo requires no fertilizer", "bamboo does not get attacked by pests", and "bamboo matures in three years" - often results in the failure of bamboo projects around the world, while the lack of scientifically rigorous, accurate and applicable information remains one of the major barriers for bamboo to become accepted as an alternative fiber for industrial use. 

Quite simply, we created this blog site to debunk many of the myths, inaccuracies, and general misinformation commonly and widely available regarding the commercial production of bamboo.

Through a series of blog postings we hope to address each of the key facts that we, as a company and as a global network of bamboo, forestry, agriculture and sustainability experts, have learnt the hard way, are repeatedly published, publicized and copied, despite them being misleading.

In addition to the regular blog postings, we've made our bamboo plantation videos available, which provide an oversight on the challenges as well as the opportunity for sustainably grown and manufactured bamboo in addressing some of the world's most pressing environmental issues.

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